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    3D Running & Gait Analysis

    Markerless Motion Capture

    Markerless 3D Motion Capture for Running and Walking gait Analysis.

    A complete biomechanical profile in less than a minute.

    For Runners who seek the keys to efficient and injury free running.


    Running economy and stride performance

    Gait symmetry

    Joint loading

    Balance Tracking System

    Access Balance & Sports Balance

    Objective Balance Assesment and Training

    Gold Standard force plate technology to provide an accurate and reliable balance testing and training solution.


    BTracks Sport Balance provide sports medicine professionals with a quick, objective and reliable means of assessing atheletes balance at baseline and after injury or conclusion.

    Accurate and Reliable Results.

    Quick and Easy to Administer(~2min)

    Minimal Practive / Fatigue Effects


    New Dimensions for Therapy and Training

    Smart Resistacne Training System

    Portable pull resistance system for coordination and speed training with articulated sustension which enables not only linear sprints but also lateral movemennt with constant resistance throughout the movement.


    Infinitely variable pulling constant resistance

    Mluti-dimension movements

    Mobie use indoors and outdoors


    Smart power exercise coaching sensor

    Fitness activity power realtime checking

    Power & Work Load & Power Velocity


    Resistance, weight velocity and your overallHook it in-between the handle of a cabel tower or other equipment

    It can be used with a wide variety of fitness equipment


    Your intelligent badminton / tennis / basketball / volleyball

    Smart Training Machine.

    Automatic shotting, make the practice more easy.

    Intelligent equipment perfectly matches the most powrful training fucntion.


    The shooting point combination is more convenient, the perfect cooperation between the two machines perfectly achieves the full Coverage of he whole court.

    Very good auxiliary function for the beginers’pace training and the subsequent improvement of their level skills.

    KIM Sports

    Smart active training revolution system

    Innovative training equipment chosen by the best professionals in Sport, Fitness and Rehab.


    Only proprioceptive tredmill with constant variation of the belt


    Treadmill with focused on proprioception, which offers, in addition to the traditional upward inclination, also downhill and lateral inclinations, with varying angles. The only treadmill with dynamic and unpredicable interferences, for training and improving of anticipated movement.

    It conceived to look at the natural needs of human locomotion, thought out by nature and developed by our evolution for a wide range of purposes.

    IDIAG P100

    trained respiratory muscles

    Idiag P100 combines all forms of respiratory muscle training in
    a single unit.

    Smart respiratory coaching and trainnig program


    The Idiag P100 facilitates targeted training of the
    respiratory muscles. Just like any other skeletal
    muscle the respiratory muscles can become stronger, faster and more efficient through training stimuli, thereby increasing performance capacity.


    The oxygen monitor of your muscles

    NIRS(Near Infrared Spectroscopy)

    The revolution in training control and performance diagnostics. SmO2 / tHb


    It uses near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) to provide accurate, real-time measurements of muscle oxygen saturation (Sm02) to optimize training.

    Through a simple step-test protocol the Idiag Moxy can deliver important physiological data to help establish individual training recommendations. The device is portable, compact and non-invasive.


    Smart Force Platform


    Smart performance paltform Accurate, Portable, Versatile. Innervations has designed and created a new performance force platform based on over 38 years of athlete and patient performance diagnosis.


    Lighter and more portable - built for travel - but equally effective in the weight room or laboratory.

    Two Force platforms can be connected to achieve an even more powerful solution.

    Super fast sample rate up to 10,000 samples per second.

    All data is stored locally on your computer for confidentiality.


    Real time CO(Cardiac Output) monitoring system

    Measuring Cardiac Output

    CO is the amount of blood pumped by the heart in liters per min. It is very inportant of sports performance improvement.


    Exercise test in an athelete

    Sports Application : Treadmill / Cycle / Maraton / Running / Driving / other performance...


    It can make your heart more strong than before.
    CO is a hemodynamic parameter that player a key role in several physiological equilibriums.

    It is very simple and portable.


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